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  1. FunGt

    Could someone help me install a skin?

    Spawn with a tool the Monsterb and you'll have the new skin.
  2. FunGt

    GTA 4 Modding car's [help?]

    SparkIV, you can find it everywhere.
  3. I uploaded a friend of mine car, but he also uploaded it after me, so can some admin delete this file? Thanks and sorry for inconvenience.
  4. FunGt

    Extremley noobish question

    Readme the readme of the mod, or link the mod you downloaded here and we'll help you.
  5. FunGt

    Downloaded Cars Affecting Handling

    If there is an handling line in the readme there is a reason, you must almost always replace it.
  6. FunGt

    Create your own GTA IV mod

    Top speed in the first post is 160.0, if you want to increase acceleration you have to increase 0.24.
  7. FunGt

    quick question

    You can modify them with SparkIV or with G-Texture.
  8. FunGt

    how to modify .wdr files

    Can't yet.
  9. Try to remove the filelist.pak in pc\data\ folder. Let me know.
  10. FunGt

    GTA IV Modding Help!

    Just make a search in GTAIV dir? It's at \common\data\ folder.
  11. FunGt

    I am sick of it!

    You don't need magicIV for 1.0.3 and 1.0.4 patch. The best trainer ever released is this one (I can't find it in this site). For this you need also this. And if you don't already have you need also xliveless or an asi loader.
  12. Everything works fine now, thanks (nice sign) @Spider-Vice, I don't think I'll be so much active, I'm here mainly to spread my mods.
  13. I tried to upload a screen for my mod but it appears: File details successfully updated. Checking for uploaded screenshots ... ... ... 1 found. Handling screenshot #1 ... ... ... Success! coquettem_fungt.jpg was uploaded ... ... ... Generating thumbnail ... ... ... Fatal error: Call to undefined method gta_downloads_user::CreateThumbnail() in /home/thegtapl/public_html/includes/class_downloads_user.php on line 199 And the screen is not uploaded. This is the link of the mod: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=4221
  14. Hi all folks, this tutorial is for everyone who wants to modify a GTAIV vehicle. Before following make sure you have ZModeler 2.2.1 (or higher) properly registered! You can find the tutorial here, (and also other tutorials). Have fun
  15. You? Wow, I really loved your Spider Car mod for III, it's awesome.