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Vengence is mine.


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Fair point, Husky & no offense taken. The tire's okay for now & will get cleaned before this

bike hits the road. Eventually I'm looking at going w/ 150/18s on both ends (currently a 140/16

in back & a skinny 19 up front) but that's going to cost bucks. For now I've set a goal of $2500

to get it up & running (a road worthy Sporty is usually around $7000). This is working w/ what I

have for now. As for the chain I'm considering using a later model belt drive, they're quieter &

last longer. If I do keep the chain I'll probably swap to a newer setup that uses the sprocket as

the rotor for the rear brakes.

The forks will have to be swapped out for a wider front end when I change the wheels & that's also

pricey. Ironically by the time I get this to look like the Zombie the left over parts will go a

long way to building a Hexer. I've heard rumors of a basket case Panhead for $2000....

More pics-

Like the shifter, the brake is at the wrong angle to use comfortably & lacks sufficient adjustment.


The simple answer is to cut the part down. It's made from 1/2 inch steel rod, I'll use the 1/4 to

make the joint stronger.


The short piece of 1/4 is all I'll need. The 1/2 is cut down to length. The drill bit is a 3/16 I'll

use for a pilot hole in the ends of the 1/2.


The 3/16 bit is titanium & much stronger than the 1/4 bit I'll use for the final holes. I had to

play around w/ the vise a little to get the holes properly aligned.


This should give you a better idea of what I'm after. The weld will fill the gap & make a solid joint.


I used some left over flat & set everything up on my magnets, now it'll be straight.


It never fails. It's midnight & I'm making good progress until...


IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE!!! Circled is the valve on the bottle. Take care when handling not to break

this off, @ around 4500 PSI this is a compressed air rocket. When I was in high school, the metal shop

had recent repairs to cinder block walls from an incident like that. The bottle punched through 4 walls

& wiped out a bank of gym lockers.


It's the next day & we're back in business. One of these days I'll pick up a spare bottle (about $135).


I'm getting pretty good w/ the welder considering it's been 6-7 years since I've used it.


A little grinding, sanding & some paint & now you can't even tell where it was chopped. (Now the brake

will work right, also.)


I'll be back w/ more later.

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