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NMP boy

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Are you talking about the Zero Mission where you have to fly the helicopter around so he can drive his car to the end?

That's easy. Don't remove the first obstacle, so he gets stuck.

Then blow up all the tanks, put down all the bridges.

Then you can let him go while picking up any barrels Berkley puts down.

If you could beat the one with the Airplane where you have to fly around the city blowing up vans and bikes you can beat this one.

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If it is the Red Baron...

You go after the van down near Hashbury, this douche takes off and you need to chase him, if you get him at a red light, usually he sits there, or hit him head on you can get him pretty easily.. Then fly up to get van near Doherty, this one gets out of the van the sec you shoot at him, and then the one on a bicycle, same deal with him or her they jump off the bicycle..

Then fly up north to get the other van usually in my game he is near the police station. In or around the "Downtown" part of San ferrio.. Then you go after the two on a motorcycle. These two really do not take off or try to out run you, but they will not wait for traffic, or stop at red lights..

Your game may be different as far as where they appear.. The PC version of this mission gives you a lot more time and gas to get this done. The PS2 version was a pain to get done...

After playing this mission a few times you should know that, A, using slow, and slight touches to the controls keeps control of the plane, B, using the tail rudder on the plane, with slight touches helps you steer and balance the plane so you do not roll all over the place. without out to much problem...

Another plane you can fly several times is the stunt plane, it is a full size plane found at the airports, this plane is the hardest to control, much more difficult then the RC Red Baron. Then fly the Red Baron and you will get better control.

You cannot just upload a saved game file, and install it without losing what you already have.. If you are that upset or mad over this mission upload me a "COPY JUST A COPY" of your saved game file and I will complete the mission.. [email protected].... You get to keep your original stats, plus get this mission out of the way.

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