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  1. Even if you are kidding you wouldn't be alone. I had sex before I ever masturbated, I was 18 when I lost my virginity, 19 the first time I did it for myself. Before we had sex my girly and I would do other stuff, but my first orgasm that wasn't a wet dream was (literally) in the hands of my girlfriend when I was 16. That's why I've never understood people that claim you "have to masturbate" in order to enjoy sex. That's like saying you have to eat a hamburger before you can enjoy a steak, it makes no sense. You might be a 2 pump chump your first time, but it's not like you HAVE to jerk off before you can have sex. As for the option of "Fap? I have sex" while it's true that people will masturbate in a sexually active relationship, I find the more often I have sex the less I want/need anything else. It's been a good two months since I've masturbated, but I've been having sex regularly in that time.
  2. Well pack your bags, we'll leave tonight.
  3. In other words he shoved a phallic shaped veggie up his ass for some thrills (prostate stimulation anyone?), passed out from the pain, and thought that claiming a suicide attempt was easier/less embarrassing than admitting he gets his jollies from things in his butt.
  4. Went out to dinner, had dessert at home.
  5. What a coincidence Sтεαм, my new desktop is Christmas themed too. Though I went with Angels.
  6. It's funny, in the US no one is "American" even if they're heritage goes back 5+ generations of being in the US, people have to identify themselves as whatever ONE of their ancestors was. I know many people who will say "I'm Irish" because there name is O'Hara. That is probably true, but they've married with so many people of other descents that someone from Ireland would most likely laugh at them. However, my wife's grandmother was born in Sicily but immigrated to the US, so she really is Italian. Her kids half Italian, and my wife quarter Italian. So I have no issue with my wife saying she's of Italian descent, because mostly she is. Me? Well my Mother's adopted so I'll never know 100%, that said I consider her adopted parents as my grandparents so in polite company I'll just say what they were (if I know). My great-great grandfather on my Father's side had a British father and a German mother. When he moved to the US he changed his name to his mother's maiden name because he killed someone and was trying to avoid the law. This was in the late 1800's. We don't know of what ancestry his wife was. My father's mother has a German maiden name so we assume somewhere in her heritage there was a German. But, it could have been long ago, or mixed with any other heritage. My mother's adopted Father? His grandparents came from Ireland (and for some reason settled in Wisconsin). My mother's adopted Mother? She knew (Alzheimers) but never talked about her heritage much. Been in Southern Virginia long before the Civil War, so most likely British of some variety. But since the last of my ancestors to hit the shores of America was 4 generations ago, and since we don't know a great deal about many of them, I'm American. I'm not a "native", but I figure we've been here long enough to be comfortable with that setting.
  7. Like Bear said the Mayan calender "ends" in 2012, but it really doesn't. It just repeats. The Mayan prophecies (or whatever they're called) mention dates well past 2012. The Mayan decedents have been in the news lately saying it's all BS. The movies depict these huge meteors hitting the earth, but NASA and all other space agencies/watchers see no evidence of anything close to hitting the earth (and they'd be able to see it by now). The world was supposed to end due to Y2K, 9/9/1999, etc.
  8. Yup, Bugs Bunny was famous for that. "As you know rabbits can't add, but they do multiply" A kid isn't going to get that, but the parents who were watching (only 1 TV per house back in the 50's) certainly did. I love watching the cartoons I grew up with now just to see the innuendo I missed. We took my brother-in-law to see the live action Scooby Doo's in the theater. I laughed my ass off at Scooby and Shaggy in the back of the Mystery Machine "talk about toasted" and "hydroponics". Kids don't get it, but the adults sure as hell did.
  9. Snick I remember quite well. If I recall Clarissa Explains it all ended up there, and it always ended with "Are you afraid of the Dark?" Bear mentioned "All Grown Up" to me Rugrats flushed down the toilet when they brought it back and introduced Dill. I mean it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. I think I could still sit down and watch Doug or the original Rugrats and be entertained. When I switched to DirecTV from cable I was pleased to find I had a channel called Boomerang, which is all the classic cartoons. Scooby Doo (greatest cartoon ever), Looney Toons, Flinstones, Jetsons, etc. So it's nice to know my kids will be able to see what a cartoon was meant to be. I was watching Looney Toons when my nephew came over the other day. He had never seen it, but he sat down and watched and was enthralled. He loved it. Then later on we were watching Sponge Bob and he looked at me and asked if Scooby Doo was on because he'd rather watch that. Pretty cool to see a 5 year old who just started seeing those cartoons recently want to sit down and watch them instead of "his" shows.
  10. Oh yeah, they were pretty good too. They were like the 2nd era of Nicktoons, I was almost to the age of not watching Nick anymore when they came out.
  11. I know what you mean. I have a five year old nephew and whenever he's over we watch Sponge Bob (Dora and Diego are actually ok) not to mention the new Nick Toons. They're funny because they're stupid and disgusting. Not funny because they're funny. My parents could sit and watch Rugrats or Doug and be entertained, Spongebob makes me want to shoot myself.
  12. Who comes up with stuff like this? I mean who has the time, or seriously worries about things like a cartoon bear not washing his hands? Little Mermaid Story Lion King Story Rescuer's Story They've all been out there for years. Sadly people screw around with videos (especially years ago, Rescuers is over 30 years old). Don't think it makes for a bad influence though.
  13. The top picture is me standing in the Gulf of Mexico just off St. Pete Beach. The 2nd one is at Blizzard Beach water park at Disney World. That was from my vacation in September/October, I live up in Maryland.
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