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Polterninja's first stunt video

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  • 2 weeks later...

It is hard to say I have seen to many stunt videos, Tho I guess if it is a first for you this would not be a bad place to get opinions..

The stunts or where some of them were done looks different, if you want to create another video or add to the one you have. Look on places like youtube to see what you could possible do, that has yet to be done, or at least recorded and made into a video..

You are aware that you can tweak, cars, bikes, even the GoKart to get them to go extremely fast.. Tho if you go to far they are worthless when trying to drive them.

Best cars Infernus, w/NOS and Hydraulics, HotRing racer (I still need to tweak the DAT file for NOS, and hydraulocs to make it really fly) Even the Comet worked out pretty good w/NOS and Hydraulics..

And the Gokart is one I probably will tweak and try after seeing your video. :hurrhurr:

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