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Adding skins help

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For adding new cars or guns you'll need to download IMG Tool 2.0. Well can't add new ones to the game but you can replace cars with new ones.

Now when you find a car you want, download it and it should come with both "name.txd" and "name.dff". Open up IMG Tool then with that, open C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\models\gta3. Find the car you want to replace with the Edit/Find option and replace both the .dff and .txd with the new ones you downloaded in the Command/Replace option.

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well now, i have everything set, but it says i need the patch.

i download the patch

i start it, but it wont let me continue because of the file version

i check the file version


i cant change the version to 1.0 with any program on the internet

:bashhead: FOR THE 3RD TIME!!!!!!!! :bashhead::bashhead::bashhead::bashhead:

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