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  1. maj212

    X-mas list

    Hmmmmm christmas....christmas. I don't know really. Maybe I'll se something awesome in time I like chocolate thought chocolate FTW
  2. maj212

    Post your top 5 movies, games.

    hmm i dont watch alot of movies but i can try lol umm shawshank redemption <one of my all time faves the godfather titanic bah i dont know any more as for games gta series (but only because i played gta1 in the hospital loool i was 6...bad nurse hehe ) prince of persia 2 /used to watch my dad play it alot and then played it myself) mario kart 64 (the best multiplayer game ive ever played) worms armageddon (holy hand grenade nuff said) and the fifth is umm hmm idk nfs series? although the older games might be a bit underrated these days also i like raiden III, mortal kombat armageddon, mario bros. and many others
  3. maj212

    What are you currently playing?

    i am now playing raiden III its a fun game alsoo umm need for speed most wanted need for speed hot pursuit 2 gta san andreas gta vice city(although not as much because im making a vice city snow mod...yes in summer but it needs lots of work ) im hoping to get a ps1 memory card so i can get some ps1 games and save them oh the classics
  4. maj212

    Woman marries a dog.

    lol you people sure do know how to find a completely random topic i wonder if you all have A.D.D
  5. maj212

    Next war?

    bah there are always gonna be wars i wonder what will happen with north korea
  6. hmm id usually go to youtube first but since my internet is experiencing problems currently i first go to tgtap then gmail
  7. maj212

    Favourite Song On Vice City

    h god thats a tough one umm idk songs on v rock are all good
  8. maj212

    car museums

    Since i like museums and vehicles ill make a thread about it ive been to the bmw museum in munich and hope to go to the porsche one some day and from then on who knows lol so ill post my bmw museum pics here and everyone else tell me if youve been to any simmilar museums post pics do whatever you want lol sorry that i dont have any more lol i was in no mood to take pictures although there were lots of cars and bikes there too
  9. maj212

    The ^<v Game

    ^has a photoshop sig < doesnt have a photoshop sig V thinks i need some kind of sig
  10. maj212

    WTF is this is?

    lool thats kinda funny
  11. maj212

    How to instal downloaded mods

    yeah or a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIgdmpgHIuw
  12. maj212


    I already went to croatia or 12 days to peljašac its a place for windsurfing hmm also going to italy probz well dont have much planned yet happy holidays everyone
  13. maj212

    How to install a car mod

    In the manual way I crashed the game a couple times so I decided to try VCMM. I unchecked every documment that says the manual but still getting that error i crashed the game so many times i dont count anymore :lol:
  14. maj212

    How to instal downloaded mods

    what kind of mods vehicle mods? building mods?
  15. maj212

    Favourite Music Genre

    80's rock lol thats partly why i like vice city so much