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Has anyone finished 100% on the forum?

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I was thinking about starting off a new savegame to finish 100%, partially because I don't feel that great today and its just sitting in my 360. If you have, how many hours do you have put into the game? I'm gonna use maps for pidgeons and stupid shit, but other than that, I just want to finally finish one game 100% :P

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The last time I got 100% on IV took almost 35-50 hours, I did most of the storyline and at the same time did side missions little by little. I got a friend to help me with the pigeons to make it easier, the unique stunts were also hard.

Most other side missions are fairly easy and doing a lot of them as early as possible helps avoid boredom from doing the same thing, I personally found SA harder for 100% than this.

You'll manage perfectly fine. ;)

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