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I can't install some mods


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I have San Andreas Mod Installer 1.1 of SAMI but i can't install some mods like weapons

it appears

NOTE:.....If it's a mod other than a vehicle then it needs to have a script file created for it before it can be installed with SAMI

what it means?

what is a script?

and i can't update San Andreas Mod Installer 1.1

it appears

ERROR 206:Could not obtain update file information fron the sami . text file.

what can i do?


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hoy to do manual?

i don't know

Create a folder on desktop for SANAN Backups, copy the GTA3 file and paste it in the backup folder...

You need to download IMGTool, you can get it from GTAPlace mod archives and use it.. You will look at the name of the mod you downloaded and then in GTA San Andreas/models you will find GTA3 file. After you you get the IMGtool out from being compressed you can move it directly to your desktop, then open the folder and click on it so it attaches to the GTA3 file.. Go back into your MODEL folder and click the GTA3 file an IMGTool loading screen should appear and then the contents of the GTA3 file will show up..

Use the Options menu and look for "FIND" type the name of the mod into this, the name of the mod is going to be the name of the original file in the GTA3 archive.. The first one you will see after it searches will be a DFF this is a 3d model.. You want to scroll down and find the same name only with .TXD

at the end of it, hold down the CTRL key and left click the TXD file to highlight it.

At this point you should see two files highlighted... They both have the same name, only one as DFF and the other TXD at the end of the names..

Rightclick either file and delete them it should delete both files... Then use "add to archive" found in the menu options, you will get a search window for files and folders, find the folder with the mod, and ADD the two files one at a time..

If you scroll the hole way to the bottom of the GTA3 archive you should see two files DFF and TXD these are the two MOD files.. Then use "rebuild archive".. At the bottom of the window you will see progress stats, when it is 100% then the archive has been fully rebuilt.. Close out the IMGTOOL window and play the game...

Note that these files are group together, weapons, vehicles, ect.... So when you go to look for the TXD file, you should only have to scroll down very slightly.

At first look you notice how many files there are, and using the FIND option will take you to the group of files you are looking for in this case the weapons.

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