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Need help with GTA Sanadreas?


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As far as the mods download the Camaro Mod the inst are easy to follow, even if you do not want to install the car the instructions can be used as a base for other mod with .DFF and .TXD packages, you could aslo look for other topics posted for step by step inst to install mods, then there is always youtube..

Post what mission it is you need help with, and again haha youtube probably would have help for that too...

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I think we're all capable of completing a game don't you think or asking someone who's been here for 3 years and has a lot of credibility?

I gave him two options the first being to post the mission he wanted help on, and then another option if he wanted too. If he reads other posts involving other users that needed help with mission, he will post the mission here anyway for help.

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