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What If You can write the story line in GTA V


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Here Is The Topic Where You Guys (or Girls) Make A Story Line In GTA V



You Came From Russia To Liberty City With Your Cousin....

mine is this:


Name Of Character:Johnny Hammer

Location:Los Angeles


story:you and your gang of gangsters are the top gangs in L.A Johnny hammer is the leader is taken a big job killing the governer of the L.A then one night your brother (a rich one) areseted you... then 8 years later with your gang members are dead you extract revenge.

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Well, that's a nice idea.......

Well I have 1 too....

Character name: joe klostkov (or anything else..)

Location: gulton (parody of london,lol) or maybe another name :))

Time: whenever the game is released

Joe was an elite hitman getting paid for tons of cash for a hit, one day, he was contacted by a guy named javier marguirettha (a drug lord) for a hit that involves killing a mafia leader, don john velvetto, javier was paying joe 2 million bucks for that hit, everything went well, but after this...javier refused to pay joe and tried to kill him by sending hitmen after him, joe killed them all, but was forced to leave UK for a while, while he was away to vice city or SA or LC, javier murdered his cousin, sister and father...leaving his only brother to clean up his mess, his brother's name was ray, to get javier..he joined the russian mafia called the filthrigz family (no, its a terrible name,)

That was a strong organisation nest to the marguirettha cartel, one day, joe decided to go back to gulton for revenge and his brother welcomed him by getting so pissed of for ruining his ray's life...but decided to get any help he can get, so ray introduced joe to the head of the family and began working for him taking out the marguiretthas....after a while, javier found out about joe's return to gulton and kidnapped the head of the flriegrigz family (I can't name them anymore!!!!!:P) and offered a deal: joe delivered to themalive so they can kill him themselves or the head of the family (I can't give him a name, I don't know european name too much) is gonna die, joe tried to rescue his leader, and he

sucedded, using a decoy to disguise as him and joe followed the decoy protended to be delivered in a car

to the marguirettha's hideout, the marguirettha's delivery boy didn't realize joe was tailing him, so joe busted right in to the hideout and tried to kill javier, during the shootout..joe managed to kill every javier's goons but javier escaped by a helicopter, joe failed to kill javier at the time...but at least he saved the leader.....the leader was so angry at joe after joe dragged him into his [email protected], but he admitted he was quite impressed of joe's skill for taking out so many men to rescue him..and then the leader started to trust him more with another jobs that involved good skills, such as bank heist, leading a territory takeover for the kidnapping's revenge, and ray also introduced him to his contacts for some missions, soon joe became a capo (or whatever they call russian capos) and because of his friendship with many high ranking members even leaders of criminal organisation, the family had earned a lot of allies and increasing influence,

Meanwhile, after joe completed some missions from the family and their allies, the family's leader asked him to raid javier's mansion...so joe took his most trusted friend (even like brothers) nicholas "nicky" banger (the capo of the south gulton british mob) and some other accomplishes to raid the javier's mansion...but it seems like they were trapped, as their convoy full of joe's goons and joe (and of course nicky) got ambushed by javier's men, resulting in the death of everyone but joe and nicky, the two told the family's leader about what happened and that "there must be a rat" that told javier about the raiding plan, so joe and nick tracked down the culprit by kidnapping and interogatting javier's right hand man...lazlow ramirez, he told joe and nick that it was joe's brother that ratted them out, and he did this because ray was "jealous of joe" that joe raised through the family ranks so quick and became the leader's son figure (I forgot to mention that alright. LOL)

So joe and nick killed ray, before joe killed ray, he said "I'm sorry bro" and shot him in the chest resulting in his death.....

And then they discovered that the family's been weakened for ray disloyalty, as he had ratted out so many informations...so joe decided to "end this" and get revenge for his family's deaths, and they raided javier's mansion and shot him 4 times for each joe's family member death (his dad,sister,cousin,and brother) and javier was dead....and then joe got drunk with nick and the family leader, the two organisation (the russian family joe's in and south gulton mob) strenghen their bond of alliance,

and the remaining marguirettha's interests fwere split into two, the south gulton mob and the russian mob,

The end, LOL :))

Dude, what is it with me and europeans???

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This is my idea:


Protagonist's name: Francisco Andrés "Cisco" Escobar

Location: Vice City

Time period: 2000's

Story: Francisco "Cisco" Escobar is a 33 year old former Colombian drugs smuggler and drugs dealer. After spending 13 years in the job, a drug running operation involving him went wrong, and all of his comrades, except for three, are killed, and the drugs go missing, along with a large sum of money. Beliving one of the three men to be a traitor who sold out the team, Escobar goes to Vice City, vowing to hunt down the traitor. Unfortunately for him, due to his involvement in the failed drug run, his former employers have put a price on his head, and now numerous hitmen are on his tail and after his head. Cisco must now hunt down the traitor, while at the same time, keeping himself alive and out of sight of his hunters, using numerous friends and contacts he gathers during his time in Vice.

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