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No "File Sharing" tab


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Press F8 as soon as your computer turns on , as quick and as many times as you can, until the OS selection thingy comes up. Choose Safe mode with command prompt. Then when command prompt opens, type this command

format c: /fs:ntfs

then when thats complete, you'll have no OS. after that, get a XP cd, or a ubuntu live CD. install one of those. Or even windows 7 will work.

Life will be much easier after this :)

seriously though, umm, what is the thing they're saying that doesnt work. perhaps you dont have admin rights / appropriate permissions to do this.

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Wouldn't everything get deleted?


i have no words for you. lol.

obviously man, thats what formatting does. im just saying cos vista is so full of fail. how much stuff do you have on there? you could buy a external HDD and back it up. then say goodbye to vista shit :P make sure you get XP drivers for all your laptop stuff first though.

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I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 to my laptop and use its internet (connected wireless)

Now all the videos on YT go to the file sharing tab and click some shit

Ah. Well. So the XBOX is connected by a cable or wireless? And you wanna share to your laptop. in short, you cannot do that at all unless you buy a router / switch etc. Do you have ADSL or Cable ? Or something else? Can you gimme a little diagram in paint ?

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sorry i didnt look at this thread again.

basically, you cannot do that. you gotta buy a switch or something. you cant have a connection from one device to the other unless you use crossover cable. and THEN you cant have the xbox connected to your net, it'd be just to the laptop.

I tried doing something similar with PS2 (cos i wanted to use PS2 online) , but it wont work. you gotta buy a wireless bridger.

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