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Games for windows LIVE won't install


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I'll run you though everything that happened:

First off, I am a complete GTA IV n00b and I have waited months to get this game. I finally get for XP and I download Windows Service Pack 3 successfully. Now, when I load Rockstar Games Social Club (To play GTA IV for the first time ever :o) It loads fine, but just before the game started, it told me to upadate my Games for wondows Live.

I went to the Rockstar Games site. Downloaded the installer....

Now, when I click install...it loads the installing thing. I pressed "Run" and when I press "Next" to finally update, it comes up straight away with a message saying: "An error occured while installing XLiveRedist.msi, The windows service installer could not be accessed" :(

Shall I try re-installing the whole game? now that I have Service Pack 3? Because I have come accross 3 errors on my GTA IV launching....now this has stopped me from playing.

Any help would be appricated so much! Thanks!

~ Will

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Ok, Thank you.

EDIT: Damn! It comes up with the same message as before. :( also it says "This can occur if your running windows in safe mode or if the windows installer is not correctly installed."

is there a way to find out if my PC is on safe mode? I am positive it isn't.

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