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  1. Hi guys. I haven't been on here for a while. Hope you are all doing well. Just thought I'd tell you guys that I did a San Andreas walkthrough way back in 2007, but it had really bad quality, so I am re-doing my wakthrough in HQ. The video and audio will be much better and so will the game play. Hope you guys check it out some time. http://www.youtube.com/user/willzyyy Cheers guys, all the best.
  2. k thanks. I posted my specs on this forum before the gtaforums. I think I'll just buy a new PC, instead of upgrade my GPU and processor. I also need more RAM, so yeah. Thanks for your help. I'll take your word for it.
  3. I think it looks cool like that. I looks about same as the DS version, but polished, more detailed graphics. It will probably have a better soundtrack aswell, maybe? I like the way the are keeping things OLD SCHOOL! But it would be cool if it were the same 3D style as VCS and LCS, but that would make the DS version seem rubbish in compare.
  4. Well done Scott! Nice grades dude. @Mpilk901: Well done to you to.
  5. I am also waiting for my GCSE results. I don't think I did too well this year. I think i got a HIGH B in my Spanish and maybe High Cs for Science and I am not sure about the others...I hope I do better than I am expecting. I found I did so much better in the practice papers then the real examination as I cracked under the preasure. Good luck mate.
  6. Here we go: OS: Windows XP Professional - Service Pack 3 32-bit Video Card: ATI Radeon 9600 Series Processor: AMD Sempron Processor 3100+ Free HDD Space: 30GB RAM: 512MB Would this stop me from installing GTA IV successfully? Including Games for windows LIVE and RGSC? I pesonally think I have a bit of updating to do.
  7. ok thanks. I might try re-installing like you said. If that doesn't work, I will re-install SP3, though I am confident it went well. I'll these and get back to you. Thanks again.
  8. Ok, Thank you. EDIT: Damn! It comes up with the same message as before. also it says "This can occur if your running windows in safe mode or if the windows installer is not correctly installed." is there a way to find out if my PC is on safe mode? I am positive it isn't.
  9. V-Rock. However, I was very close to voting for Emotion as the songs on that station are just amazing to cruise to.
  10. I'll run you though everything that happened: First off, I am a complete GTA IV n00b and I have waited months to get this game. I finally get for XP and I download Windows Service Pack 3 successfully. Now, when I load Rockstar Games Social Club (To play GTA IV for the first time ever ) It loads fine, but just before the game started, it told me to upadate my Games for wondows Live. I went to the Rockstar Games site. Downloaded the installer.... Now, when I click install...it loads the installing thing. I pressed "Run" and when I press "Next" to finally update, it comes up straight away with a message saying: "An error occured while installing XLiveRedist.msi, The windows service installer could not be accessed" Shall I try re-installing the whole game? now that I have Service Pack 3? Because I have come accross 3 errors on my GTA IV launching....now this has stopped me from playing. Any help would be appricated so much! Thanks! ~ Will
  11. It's very likely there is already a topic on this, but yeah, VC for me.
  12. ^^ Yeah. Also, I hope that they would go back to the cartoony (kinda), original style of III, VC, SA etc instead of the GTA IV style, since I prefered the layout/style of the first 5 3D ones. GTA IV had a completely different style, but I still like it.
  13. Crockets Theme - Jan hammer Africa - Toto Did in your arms tonight - Cutting Crew Waiting for a girl like you - Forengneir - (Cant spell it ) Missing You - John Waite Keep on loving you - Reo Speedwagon Wow - kate Bush Broken Wings - Mr. Mister Tempted - Squeezed More Than This - Roxy Music Sister Christian - Night Ranger Never Too Much - Never Too Much ^^Not in that order. How many trucks do you need to destroy in the mission "Gun Runner"?
  14. Really? Wow, thanks. It did require a lot of effort (for one day), so thankyou!
  15. Answering to first post: Vice City has the better overall storyline atmosphere. But once you beat the game, there is not much to do except boost your pilot ranking and criminal rating etc. Although this is my favorite GTA for some reason. Vice City Stories has a great storyline, but not quite as good. Though, the missions are more challenging than VC. I love the empire building feature and swimming, more combat moves, phil collins, more planes and helicopters and the slightly better soundtrack make VCS soundtrack even more amazing! These games are both great! The main difference from VC to VCS is the game's engine and more features like swimming, cycling, more interors, the buildings light up and look very nice, etc.
  16. Thanks guys. I know it wasn't great. The whole vid was made in 1 day.
  17. lol. No problem. Keep it up, because I wanna see you do even more vids.
  18. Hi! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKmF66yiTm8 This is my first sequence solo! I hope you enjoy it! read the youtube description for full detail.
  19. FANTASTIC! Best of luck with this mate. Can't Wait!
  20. TOXIC FTW! Your skills have got so much better! I'm so proud! Please keep it up, I cant wait to see your skills in the future! BTW: The editing was very nice.
  21. Help! How do I download my sig? I need the IMG url.
  22. OMG MAN! I love it! From my grind in Intercept 2! WOW! Thankyou, Thankyou, THANKYOU!
  23. lol, thanks mate. Glad you liked it.
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