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Getting the Cop Uniform


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I want the cop uniform but I really can't be assed to date Barbra to 100% for it.

I've tried editing shopping.dat to put it in Binco Clothes Store, but if I try to but it the game just freezes. It' probably due to the fact that it's a full set of clothes - not seperate. What files should I edit to make it so that the Cop Uniform is automaticly in your wardrobe at the start? (ie. Where do you find the part that lists which clothes you where at the start?)

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Have you tried a trainer? Some trainers will "give you 100%" for Barb.

You would need to edit "Shopping.dat" but;

1. You can't add more than 12 items per section for the store this could cause the crash.

2. It is very hard to edit without a clothing store editor.

3. I have no idea what the label for the police uniform is called.

I would just get a trainer and get Barb set to 100%, it would be easier than working the shopping.dat or download the Ultimate Editor 3.06 Download Here it has a store editor.

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