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Official Xbox Magazine Spain preview of BoGT

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GTACrew.net have got their hands on the latest issue of OXM Spain. It contains a multi-page preview of The Ballad of Gay Tony, with 13 new screenshots, and the following new details.

  • New vehicles: SWAT tank and a Rolls Royce Phantom.
  • New weapons: AA-12 combat shotgun, satchel charges.
  • New minigames: base jumping, club dancing, and club bodyguard (you deal with troublemakers in the club).
  • The exterior of Bahama Mamas has been modified. The stairs leading to the entrance are no longer there, and a fence now surrounds the entrance where the queue forms. There's also windows on the exterior, behind the main sign.

Link: GTAForums thread

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HAHA I was actually right about the dancing mini-game. Satchel charges should have been in the original game since they were in SA but it's nice to see them now. A SWAT tank and the club bodyguard mini-game sounds good too.

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