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need a little help with something !

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yesterday i downloaded New Vice City 2004 mod ... for vice city ofcourse ... and there's something about it that i don't like: ... it shows on the right side of the screen the speed of the car, car health and gas but it doesn't say "speed", "car health", "gas"... it says: "dildo dodo" (this is speed i guess), "demolition man" (car health) and "stunt boat challenge" (for gas) and i would like to change that ... someone please tell me what programs i need and what i need to modify ... !! please please please !!

!! (~_~) thanx in advance to those who help me (~_~) !!

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PROBLEM SOLVED !! :thumbsup: i remembered last night that i have exactly the same mod on a DVD ... so i copied the american.gxt and replaced the one from the mod ... and voila ... now i absolutly :wub: LOVE :dribble: this mod ...it's just what i wanted !!

(the only diference between the mod downloaded from TGTAP and the mod i had on the DVD is that instead of "dildo dodo" is says "speed, "demolition man" is now "dam." (meaning damage) and "stunt boat challenge" si now "pet." meaning petrol !!) ... thanx a lot ... if you wouldn't have told me that the problem came from the (language).gxt file i wouldn't have solved this !! Vice City Roolz !! :w00t::D:evil::worship::clapping::coolthumbup:

thanx again !!

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