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  1. plz tell me two things: 1- if i'm driving and i bump into the rhino my car blows up and i'm wacked...how can i "disable" this thing,so if i hit the rhino my car woun't go boom ? 2- i modded some car stats (speed, mass, acceleration, etc.) but how can i modify tommy's weight ?? i wanna make him heavier ! ...oh, and another thing: how can i make tommy run faster ??
  2. plz tell me two things: 1- if i'm driving and i bump into the rhino i'm toasted ...how can i "disable" this thing,so if i hit the rhino i woun't go boom ? 2- i modded some car stats (speed, mass, acceleration, etc.) but how can i modify tommy's weight ?? i wanna make him heavier !oh, and another thing: how can i make him run faster ??
  3. guys, how can i make my own crosshair, rocket launcher and m4/ruger(kruger) site ?? i know i have to edit something in hud.txd but what ?
  4. thanx a lot ... now vc's cars are cooler than before !! (infernus with 4WD and 900km/h is great)
  5. i recomend using txdWorkshop ... you can open .img and .txd files also ! and no errors !! i know this cuz i'm using it ! you can download it from tgtap !! hope txdworkshop will solve your problems !! ps. the only feedback of txdWorkshop is that it has no Search function (like img tool) so if you wanna search a certain car/skin you'll have to do it yourself but it's better than img tool (hey, that's only my opinion) here are some screens: (click the images so you can have a better look;) )
  6. is killin' haitians in vice city !! ...cuz "the spirits are angry" and i wanna make them happyer !! :)

  7. i was just wondering how can i make the cars in vice city to go faster ? i changed some stuff in Handling.cfg but nothing ... "So i'm wondering Tommy, What are you doing ?"
  8. thanx a lot man !i was trying to attach .bmp !! thanx again ! Restyled Patriot (by me) a cooler, bloddy background some air stunts new cuban clothes (by me) no comment
  9. how the f*ck can i add thumbnails ??? i don't know how to add images to posts. plz enlighten me !!
  10. so, i downloaded New Vice City 2004 (the mod) from TGTAP (don't know why i sayd that, it's not important ) and i also replaced : |the entire models folder| + default.dat, default.ide, handling.cfg, carcols.dat with other ones and i got new skins ... but there's a problem: the body of the car is a random color, the engine is white, the wheels are white, headlights are white,wheel rims are white. almost everything is f***ing white !! and something else i saw and pissed me off: the f***ing peds are white also how can i make the damn cars more colored ??? and with what ? excuse me for trash talking but this situation really ennoyed me !! P.S. i am using a low-tech (if this word exists) to play vice city that meets vice city's minimum requirements !! CPU - 860MGHz Ram - 380Mb VideoCard - 32Mb i edited the post cuz i realized the problem could be because of my pc ! how can i add images that you can see in the post not this attached crap !!
  11. it's midnight and i finaly created 2 cool skins for the Patriot and Sabre Turbo ... i used TxdWorkShop, Paint and a lot of time !!! ... but i.... DID IT !!!! i just made a cooler ( i think) new skin for the sabreTurbo) and i also edited some other cars ...
  12. no succes man ... i changed the colors of the ambulance, the baggage and other cars ... but when i tried to change the colors for the sabre turbo or the patriot nothing ... whatever color i chosed it just didn't worked ... those are the cars i want to modify they color, i don't care about other cars ! :'( f***ing piece of s**t !!!!!! i think i'll need a txd editor to change colors for those cars ! ... the problem is i don't know how to do that ! thanx for the reply anyway !!
  13. how can i make the patriot black and the sabreTurbo black with a red stripe ?? i know that i need txdEditor ... what else do i need and how can i do it ?? plz tell me !! Vice City Rocks !!
  14. can i make more buildings in vc buyable ? ... even if they don't give me money (like the icecream factory or the boatyard) and even if they don't have garages (hyman condo, el swanko casa, etc.) i wanna buy more buildings ! if you know how to do it tell me what program i need and how to do it, plz !
  15. I'm just a noob in modding vice city ...but i found out how to mod the weapons and my favorites are the mac10 with a clip capacity of 750 + it fires with the speed of a minigun ! i also like the kruger with 500 clip cap. and minigun speed !! these 2 weapons also have a damage of 150 so they're better than the m60 which has 130 damage (but all these thing can be changed) !! ...so, vice city roolz !
  16. PROBLEM SOLVED !! i remembered last night that i have exactly the same mod on a DVD ... so i copied the american.gxt and replaced the one from the mod ... and voila ... now i absolutly LOVE this mod ...it's just what i wanted !! (the only diference between the mod downloaded from TGTAP and the mod i had on the DVD is that instead of "dildo dodo" is says "speed, "demolition man" is now "dam." (meaning damage) and "stunt boat challenge" si now "pet." meaning petrol !!) ... thanx a lot ... if you wouldn't have told me that the problem came from the (language).gxt file i wouldn't have solved this !! Vice City Roolz !! thanx again !!
  17. yesterday i downloaded New Vice City 2004 mod ... for vice city ofcourse ... and there's something about it that i don't like: ... it shows on the right side of the screen the speed of the car, car health and gas but it doesn't say "speed", "car health", "gas"... it says: "dildo dodo" (this is speed i guess), "demolition man" (car health) and "stunt boat challenge" (for gas) and i would like to change that ... someone please tell me what programs i need and what i need to modify ... !! please please please !! !! (~_~) thanx in advance to those who help me (~_~) !!
  18. Are you talking about GTA IV? If so yes, it is a Achievement when you complete the mision Uncle Vlad in the first level of Grand Theft Auto IV for PS3 , XBOX 360 and PC. Well all you have to do is kill someone and throw them in the water. BTW fishes fed in other words means you've killed some one and disposed there body in the water. It's slang just so that you know. this section of the forum is for vice city ... the topic is about vice city on pc ... so i don't know why you asked "Are you talking about GTA IV?" ... anyway, thanx for telling me something new !
  19. so, someone told me what "stores knocked off" means ... but now i am puzzled about another thing: what does "fishes fed" means ... how can i do that ?... is it something i have to do on a mission or what ?...
  20. make sure that the version of the game is suported by the trainer ... also, if the saved games were made using a mod then they WILL NOT WORK !!... you should try Vice City Ultimate Trainer v2, it has GOD, infinite ammo, armor, very heavy car, 10k and much more !! ... it works fine for me and i think it works with any vc mod ... (i tried just 2 mods but it worked great with both) ... hope you'll solve your problems !!
  21. so, i wanted some new skins for the pcj and the faggio so i downloaded some from TGTAP ... i opened gta3.img with imgtool 2.0 and i made some copies of pcj.dff and pcj.txd ! when i wanted to replace them with the files i downloaded it said that those files are to big ... then i tried to delete the original files and to put in the new files ... i confimation message showed up asking me "Are you sure you want to delete the selected file ?" ... i clicked "Yes" and then an error showed up and told me "Dir file error! It might be in use ... exiting...". Why the f**k can't i add the new skins ? ...the same errors showed up when i tried to replace and then delete faggio.dff and faggio.txd ... can someone help me ??? plz !! I Solved The Problem ! ... instead of using img tool i used TXD Work Shop !!
  22. M4, Ruger, Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Tec9, Colt .45, MAC10, PSG1, SPAZ 12, Baseball Bat, Chainsaw and that's all !!
  23. The thing is: i got a new skin for the rhino ... but there's a problem ... i opened gta3.img with txdWorkShop ... replaced the rhino.dff and rhino.txd with the new ones and when i opened vice city i was amazed ... the rhino has the new textures but it's all white !! no camo !! ... why ? ... can someone tell me how to make the rhino black ? ... plz anybody !!
  24. hi all , i was looking at my stats in vice city ... and i noticed something that i don't know what it means ... "stores knocked off > 0 out of 15" ... what's that ? ... cuz i don't have a clue !! ...if someone knows plz tell me what the f**t are those and what do i have to do to !!
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