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Taxi Boost


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OK, Before I start, as you can see from my extraordinary post count, I'm new here. But anyways, I know most of you like the nifty KITT Cab after 100 drop offs, but when I'm flying down Ocean Drive at 90, get to the bottom of the island, some idiot slams the brakes on in front of me. Instinctively, I hit the horn. Wait a minute, as I'm now airborne, I can no longer complete the right turn and effectively navigate the corner and end up heading for the ocean; cussing pretty much everybody because of Vice City's most stupid feature.


OK, now that the essay's out of the way, I'll get to the point. I cannot find any variable in any CFG, IDE, or DAT file that accounts for the boost. Any help on removing it?


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I think he's trying to remove, rather than obtain, the Nitrous function, drafter.

Have you tried peeking around the handling flags at the very end of the CFG lines? The kind of things that control how doors open and so on. I'm no modding expert, but try digging around this site, by someone who is. The page there has loads of modding stuff, mainly handling for most of the 3D GTA's.

Good luck.

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