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Drift Australia Nationals - Oran Park Raceway


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first link is a video (about 10mb) and second is a link to the photo album on facebook (186 photos). if you guys want me to put a public link of the photo's il do that too, otherwise just add me on facebook so you can see them. I'm in the process of editing and compiling all the drift videos into one big one, will probably be done later today or tomorrow.

This was at Oran Park raceway in NSW Australia on Sunday. It was pretty epic, but took like 1hr to drive there :(

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Nice pics, just went through the whole facebook album. Question: Why do all your pics have a kinda blue tint? Looks a bit weird that's all, what camera were you using?

Some of the cars look really shit though. But I do like the Skylines and Evos.

Oh and brunettes/black haired girls ftw. Blondes can bugger off :D

Might check out the vid later.

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Blue tint?

I didnt notice lolz. Its a Panasonic Lumix TZ1 or something , like 6MP. I set it to Intelligent ISO mode for majority of the photos. Not sure why, but the photos turn out better with that. Yeah some of the cars (mostly the ones with chrome rims) wrecks it so bad. Yeah lol after the pics of the girls posing with the DC5 its all just people's cars in the carpark not even entered in competition XD.

Definitely check the video out, it's pretty epic, both are lol. First one is just me screwing around with the camera perving on one of the pitgirls who was like ~50m away, second video (seperate post) is the full 16 min one with the cars in it XD

Ahaha but if you saw the blonde (the one on the left posing with the gold DC5) you wouldn't have said that. It would've been more like ... fapfapfapfapfap

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