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10 Car Garage?


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lolol bathurst VXR8

thats supercharged eh. looks very very similar to the clubsport R8 here (just VX in front of the name too). But the clubsport is a 6.2L V8, 317kW. I think that VXR8 is a lot faster lol.

I'll edit this post later with pics etc. off the top of my head heres a list. il cut it down after :P

Subaru Impreza 22B (who'dve thunk it?)1.jpg

Mazda RX-7 FD Spirit R Type Arx7srfront.jpg

Saleen S7 Twinturbo11saleen_s7_03-med.jpg

Pagani ZondaPaganiZonda_1108077a.jpg

Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase IIIxy_07.jpg

Nissan GT-R02_nissan_gt-r_specv_opt.jpg

Nissan 300ZX Z32Nissan-300ZX-1.jpg

Holden Monaro HK GTSHQ+GTS+Lina+Mint.jpg

Ferrari 288 GTO2757817495_be06ba92a4.jpg

RUF CTR Yellowbird (Porsche 964)yellowbird-27-3-08.jpg

fixed :)

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Oh, yeah IMO. Not all cars, but hey, it's what I'd pick if I had a VERY large garage indeed. :clapping: And if I had more room I'd add some classics too.... :whistle:

1) 2010 Ford Taurus SHO


2) BMW M5


3) Chevy Corvette


4) Maybach 62


5) Bugatti Veyron


6) International CXT


7) Tesla Roadster


8) Boeing 777-300ER w/ GE Engines


9) French TGV Train


10) Bloodhound SSC


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