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Graphics & Writers Pad Forum Introduction


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Hey guys,

Well first off, I'm very happy to announce that I am now the forum boss for the Graphics and Writers Pad.

What's a forum boss?

You'll probably be wondering what is a forum boss. Well I suggest you look at this topic for additional information. But to break it down for you guys:

A forum boss is a respective individual on the forum. Not only is this boss respective, but is active and has been selected to lead the forum they've chosen (For me, I'm leading the Graphics & Writers Pad). I will help to:

  1. Lead discussions
  2. Manage pinned topics
  3. Close dead or counter-productive topics
  4. Moderate other users' posts (as per the Forum Rules)
  5. Help users to overcome their differences and stop arguing

I'm also responsible for the quality of the content in this forum, so please, if you do have suggestions/feedback on the forum in particular, please do let me know. This will make me improve on the way I manage this subforum and make it a better environment for you guys.

So what should I do on this forum?

So what would I like to do on this part of the forum? Well, if you're the type of person who like graphics design (Creating signatures, website designs or anything related within creative areas), or even writing fan fictions (Stories) then this is the place to do it. For me, I would like to support those who need help on their graphics, or writing. It does not matter if you aren't amazing at graphics or writing, that's not the point. You have rights to make topics in the forum, so if you do have something in mind, share it with us.

It is also fine to leave feedback (Positive or negative) in any members topic, remember, they are trying to improve on their work, so the feedback is essential if they wish to proceed into getting better.

Having your own opinion is fine. Remember though, that if it does end up turning into an argument, I will have to help users overcome their differences and stop the arguing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but just make sure that it doesn't turn nasty in the middle of it.

How do I start off on this forum?

Well, the first thing you can do is comment on others work, whether it's a signature, avatar, or a fan fiction. If you feel inspired or motivated to make something of which other members have made, then have a go at it. If you need some help within your direction, then simply make a topic up for help. We have many members on here who can help out, so don't be afraid of making topics up about it, make sure what you want is appropriate and will help you out later on.

To represent yourself, There will topics made specifically on how to make yourself stand out in front of others, and how to get the most out of your time on this part of the forum.

How do I leave feedback?

If you have feedback for me, relating mainly on how to improve on this forum, or any topic created by me, A topic relating to this matter will be created specifically for that purpose. Stay tuned for more information relating this matter. This topic will be updated with links on this matter as well.


Well, that's all for now folks. And to clarify for those who don't know, I am NOT a staff member. I am not always right with my answers and I'm not perfect. I'm also not in charge of members here, and I do not order people around. I am here to manage this forum and make sure those who use it have a good time.

So for now, enjoy your time on here and wish me good luck,


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