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  1. BirdMan

    Luis Lopez

    First in a while :/ Tell me how I did!
  2. BirdMan

    Daft Punk

    Tell me what you think. This is mainly just text practice.
  3. BirdMan

    Shout sig

    Don't like the text
  4. BirdMan

    New sig, anyone up for it?

    All seems to simple for me.
  5. BirdMan

    The COMPLETE BirdMan Showcase!

    Thanks for all the love guys!
  6. BirdMan

    The COMPLETE BirdMan Showcase!

    I can work larger scale, in fact. It is rare, but I still am able. Thanks, but that title is for TMâ„¢ and Llama IMO
  7. HERE EET EEEEEZZ. Everything is in chronological order, so the ones on top are the oldest, and the bottom are the most recent. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK From the start, I'd say these graphics span about 3 months, so I'd say I improved greatly by the latest sig, lol
  8. BirdMan

    Post your desktop

    Lulz, I'm a mac
  9. BirdMan


    Haha thank you. I just experiment and freestyle dat shit homie
  10. Tell me what you think Creative criticism approved/encouraged. \
  11. BirdMan

    Cool_Dude's names or stories shop

    Llama, I think it's time to break out the B&hammer
  12. BirdMan

    Green Lantern Set

    I was messin' around, for the lulz. Let me know what you think
  13. BirdMan

    Three Word Story

    while he fellatio'd
  14. BirdMan

    The ^<v Game

    ^ poops in his pants < does use steam, good guess by guy above me v poops his pants
  15. BirdMan

    Beaterator songs?

    how does I beaterators?