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MTA: SA v1.0.1 released

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The Multi Theft Auto team have released an update to version 1.0 of their modification that allows you to play GTA San Andreas multiplayer over the Internet.

All users and server owners are encouraged to upgrade to Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.0.1, fixes are outlined by the team below:

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.0.1 is focused on fixing some high priority client and server crashes, resolving compatibility issues and improving cross-platform compatibility (including support for running on Mac OS X) for the dedicated server, while fixing some various major bugs within the client and resources package.

This release is backwards compatible with our previous release (v1.0). This means that you can use the new v1.0.1 client to connect to v1.0 servers, however we still encourage server owners to upgrade to the latest version due to the number of issues that were fixed in this release.

Links: Download MTASA v1.0.1 | MultiTheftAuto.com

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I love this multiplayer client. It's fun to play solo too when you can spawn a load of cars and mess around. Much better than the others :D

Mine won't connect to the servers. Any ideas why? sad.gif

You need to update your multiplayer client =)

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