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Why do Bullies beat up or pick on people?


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I think many bullies do it so they can feel big and powerful amongst the big and popular kids. Many times, it seems to be that they are being bullied themselves, or they actually enjoy watching pain. I was bullied in High School(still am) as I am quite small, and generally don't want to fight back. Then I found myself bullying the kids smaller than me, or the "social outcasts" to a point that their bag got ripped, or they might even cry. I didn't even know I was doing it, and it was just so I could feel bigger and on par with the bigger, popular bullies(that turned out weren't popular, just had friends that feared him). So I think it is just to make themselves feel bigger, and an alpha male over other people.

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I'd taken part in this same topic at our own forum, because of Rockstar's Bully game and the subject getting more attention in the press the past year, several people killed themselves because of intense acts of bullying. If that to you means it's just a right of passage, you are clearly not thinking straight. People all have the same feelings, in one form or another, the FEAR of acceptance within the school or any group of people persuades the BULLY mindset to show how inadequate someone else is to move the gaze away from that person, because as I see it, if this person is so good, so correct, such a perfect person they have no flaws, why on EARTH do they have a need to make others feel small?!? Ego? Is a need to see suffering to get off somehow?? Could be with those who are morally repugnant and have been De-Sensitized early on.

As my mom specializes in Early Childhood Learning, and I'm a 40 year old who suffered at the hands of others, I feel there is some validity that this has been going on for years, but in recent decades, the widespread tech that never existed before raised the impact 10 fold. Remember most of what you put out online remains there, feelings will come and go so exercise caution before you lash out, there's really no need when it's a passing feeling

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