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Haitian RC-Baron Mission


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Heya there guys! I'm kinda new here. :)

I really need help on the Haitian mission where you get to fly a RC Baron and kill those boats on Starfish Island.

I always miss my targets and also, my planes always hits the water...


Can anyone give me some tips and tricks?

Thank you very much. :)

That mission is easy as hell... anyway here's some tips:

-Try going Kamikaze / Suicidal. Land on the boat and blow up the plane, this works every time but keep in mind that you only have 3 planes and you have to destroy 3 boats and a car.

-Try running over the guys on the jetty instead of blowing 'em up.

-Don't get killed?

I finished the mission by simply bombing everybody :-/ Only sacrificed one plane to make the ending more spectacular... lol. But I hope this helped...

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