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OK, so tonight I decided I'd upgrade to Windows Vista Service Pack 2. After I installed it, of course with Vista, there were problems, but no benefits. My audio stopped working all together, reboots and driver re-installs did nothing.

So, I did a system restore. Voila, audio fixed, PC working normally with Service Pack 1. Or so I thought. I noticed that it was being very slow, so I opened up HD Tune and did some Hard Drive investigating.

Here's what my SSD turned up with: (It's read speed is like 1/3-1/4 of what is should be and the access time should be <0.1ms.)


And I've had this happen once before, but a reboot fixed it. This time I reboot it, left it off for an hour, everything I could think of.

Any ideas?

EDIT: After going into task manager and ending the process 'SSDMonitor.exe' (No idea what this is :huh:) my results improved greatly, just about perfect but still a little slow. Should be 200MB/s MAX and 130MB/s Avg.


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Why not upgrading to Windows 7? Get some money to buy it and upgrade, every app that's compatible with Vista and XP is compatible with 7 and of all the PC's I upgraded there have been no problems. Also Vista's been known for slowing down HDD's since SP2 too, so or upgrade to 7 or try getting a solution, 7 doesn't have these driver problems AFAIK.

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