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Frequently Asked GTA Vice City Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions: Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Here is a list of FAQs that have been asked quite a lot in this forum, however it is still currently under construction and will be expected to be complete soon. Please also note that this topic could change quite rapidly meaning that the titles, given section numbers and questions may change.

Each subject has been assigned a number, each heading is assigned a two digit number (0.0) while each question is assigned a three digit number (0.0.0), this makes searching for your question much easier. If you search up 11.1 then you will get the heading in the contents and the main heading of that topic which is "Bodyguards", however, if you were to search up 11.1.1 you would get the first question in that heading - this makes searching faster.

Here are the main headings that questions are currently under:

Storyline Missions

1.1 Storyline Missions (Vice Point, Washington Beach, Ocean Beach and Prawn Island)

1.2 Storyline Missions (Starfish Island and Leaf Links)

1.3 Storyline Missions (Downtown, Little Haiti, Little Havana, Viceport and Escobar Int. Airport)


2A Vehicles

2.1 Cars

2.2 Bikes

2.3 Planes

2.4 Boats

2.5 Helicopters


3.1 Housing

3.2 Businesses

3.2.1 Malibu Club

3.2.2 Pole Position Club

3.2.3 Boatyard

3.2.4 Sunshine Autos

3.2.5 Kaufman Cabs

3.2.6 Printworks

3.2.7 Cherry Popper Ice Cream

3.2.8 Interglobal Film Studio


4.1 Guns

4.2 Melee


10.1 Robbing Stores

10.2 Ambulance Missions

10.3 Firefighter Missions

10.4 Vigilante Missions

10.5 Other Side Missions

10.6 Stats


11.1 Bodyguards

11.2 Save Games

11.9 Other Questions

2A Vehicles

2A.1 Where can I find x vehicle?

Try: http://gta.wikia.com...n_GTA_Vice_City

There is a huge list of GTAVC vehicles on there

3.2 Businesses

3.2.1 Malibu Club How much money does the Malibu Club bring in?

It brings in $10,000 How much money do I need to buy the Malibu Club?

It costs $120,000

3.2.2 Pole Position How do I get the asset of the Pole Position club?

  • You need to spend at least $600 watching a dancer in the private room at one time. How much money can I earn from the assets of the Pole Position club?

  • You can earn $4000 a day.

10.1 Robbing Stores

10.1.1 How do I rob a store?

  • To rob a shop, enter any shop that has a clerk with a brown shirt on and aim your gun (it only works for certain guns) to the shopkeeper's head whilst standing in front of him. After a few seconds, the store alarm will ring and you will receive some cash and a wanted level - which will increase gradually. Then you must run from the store and evade the police. (Thanks to DarkLord)

10.1.2 Do I have to rob stores to complete the game?

  • Yes, you need to rob all 15 stores in Vice City.

10.1.3 What are these stores?

  • Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach, near Police Department
  • Corner Shop - Vice Point, near the Hospital
  • Jewellery Shop - Vice Point, near the Golf Course
  • Pharmacy - Vice Point, near the corner shop
  • Cafe Robina - Little Havana, near Sunshine Autos
  • Doughnut Shop - Little Havana, near Cherry Popper
  • Laundromat - Little Havana, near the Printworks
  • Screw This - Little Havana, near Sunshine Autos
  • Ryton Aide Pharmacy - Little Haiti, near the Pay 'n' Spray
  • Jewellery Shop - Downtown, near Rock City
  • Pharmacy - Downtown, near the Jewellery Shop
  • Gash - North Point Mall
  • Jewellery Shop - North Point Mall
  • Hardware Shop - North Point Mall
  • Music Shop - North Point Mall
    • Thanks to Chris's "GTA Vice City 100% Checklist"

10.2 Ambulance Missions

10.3 Firetruck Missions

10.4 Vigilante Missions

10.5 Other Side Missions

10.6 Stats

10.6.1 What does "Fishes Fed" mean?

-It presumably means the amount of times Tommy has drowned since you began the game.

10.6.2 What does "Stores Knocked Off" mean?

- This is the amount of times you have robbed a store while playing the game.

11.1 Bodyguards

11.1.1 How do you unlock bodyguards?

- You can unlock the Bodyguards as soon as you have completed the game 100%

11.1.2 Where are the bodyguards located?

- As you walk into your mansion you should notice a door on the right. Go into this room and you can find 3 bodyguards, health, armour and a colt python with about 100 bullets. (Thanks to Zimoo)

11.1.3 What do the Bodyguards do?

- The bodyguards protect you while you are out and about Vice City. If anyone were to attack you then they would attack them.

11.1.4 How many times can I use the Bodyguards?

- Multiple times.

11.1.5 But it won't let me use them. What's wrong?

- If you're not allowed to use the Bodyguards, it probably means that you don't have enough money to buy them to use them.

11.1.6 What guns do they carry?

- The bodyguards carry Uzi 9mm, just like the Vercetti Gang.

11.2 Save Games

11.2.1 Where do I put save games once I have downloaded them?

- Copy them to My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files.

In case the slot is already taken replace the digit 1 from GTAVCsf1.b to an empty slot in your game (between 1-8)

Thanks to Darklord.

11.9 Gameplay Questions

11.2.1 How do I take Screenshots in GTA Vice City?

- Hit PRINTSCREEN then pause the game. Then press the windows button or somehow get back to your desktop. Once there, open a graphic program and right click then select paste. (Thanks to Urbanoutlaw)

- Use Fraps: www.fraps.com


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) compiled by Thomas. Still in development.

Total Number of Questions (as of 18/12/2009 at 5:56 pm GMT): 18

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