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avast! saved me !

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I had some problems with a malware. It didn't let me open task manager said its disabled. It blocked me from getting to open regedit to enable it. It also took me to random websites while browsing.

Instantly I went to avast!'s website started the download for avast! free 4.8. Just thought I might try out the beta so cancelled that download and installed avast!5 free antivirus beta 3(I currently have it running). As soon as I installed it,avast! blocked the malware. I don't know what type of malware it was but it had to block almost 340 attempts made by it.Shocking, don't beleive but its true.After around 3-4 minutes it had blocked all the attempts made by the malware. After that I restarted my computer.

I first went to regedit and enabled task manager. I then cleared of avast!'s virus chest. And now I'm here my computer is fixed. Without any problems I'm fine now. Thanks avast!

Also now my computer is faster to startup and shutdown than when I had kaspersky. Also I had kaspersky installed when this malware got in and kaspersky didn't detect it.

This is not really a problem but just wanted to tell you about it.

I also recommended all of you to at least try avast!. If you don't like its interface you can wait like a month or a bit more and get avast!5 which has a lot(lot) better interface.

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Just a few days ago I got a virus / malware or something on my computer and AVG didn't detect it. I had to boot into safe mode and shred what I downloaded with Spybot.

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