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I have an LG KE970.I tried connecting it via BT to PC, but it doesn't work, whenever i try to it says Importing files from handset to PC.Then says searching for phone,and then No phone found.The USB cable is fucked up, so i need to work this out through BT.I used it in comp mode aswell because i have Win 7, but nothing from that.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have any drivers, discs or manuals that may have come with it?

Seeing as you don't have a working USB cable you'll need a BlueTooth Dongle or it may be already integrated in your PC if you're using a laptop. Make sure that the phone and PC are both ready and one is sending an outgoing connection while the other waits for an incoming connection.

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http://www.amazon.co.uk/EMARTBUY-GENUINE-LG-KE970-SHINE/dp/B001G3J5MO <- link to buy a LG data cable

http://www.brothersoft.com/lg-pc-suite-294151.html <- lg pc suite (if you dont have it already)

These sort of things are much easily done over a USB cable than bluetooth, bluetooth should still work but it will be slow for file transfer etc (i think its only max 100kb/s).

LG PC Suite doesnt specify that it's compatible with Windows 7 but I dont really see any major reason why it shouldnt work. So get one of those cables and I reckon it will probably work. Also one last thing to check before you get another cable, is there some software on your PC you need to run to make the bluetooth work? I know for my laptop I have to run this "bluetooth manager" otherwise bluetooth is totally useless. You might need some drivers or software for your bluetooth.

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