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It's my website (GTAG's) 3rd birthday today. It's also now Google Pagerank 3 which is one less than this website, so I'm feeling celebatory (I know that is probably the wrong spelling, but I don't like those kinda words...).

So here are the links to most of the mods I've created. I notice how I often forget to post my mods here, so here are all of em :) They're all CLEO's unless specified. Hover over the [?] to get a small description of the mod.

[?] Fight Switcher

[?] Quick Map Teleporter

[?] Toggle Engine

[?] No Green Aim Triangle

[?] CLEO Skin Selector

[?] [TEXTURE]Combat Knife

[?] Toggle Headlights

[?] Area Save Names

[?] Bribery Mod

[?] [TEXTURE]Black Poison Knife

[?] Auto Aim Script

[?] CLEO Furniture Mod

[?] Ultimate CLEO Trainer

And of course...

[?] Vigilante Justice.

Have fun!

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