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The Bossman

Heavy Rain PS3 demo

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All you gotta do to get your redeem code is go to this site - http://www.precinct52.com/ and solve the puzzles there. But I guess you want it right now, so go to this link instead - http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=233835 where it gives you precise instructions on how to unlock it.


Apparently, the right way to go it to submit the Short Cigarette, the Origami bird, The coffee shop C (diner), and item 117h tyre tracks. It should hopefully all make sense when you check out the site (and you get a free t-shirt in Home for registering too).

Register, follow those instructions and you'll get the redeem code for the PSN. Enjoy. I have my code, will DL the demo later.

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