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Well, first of all, I was thinkin on naming the topic "*FREE BEER*" to get more attention, but whatever.

After that stinkin' low grade joke, I would like to post some of my poetry, or something like that.

Y'know, I ussually write my Verses and poetry in spanish, so those little piece's are kind of... mediocre' (If that's the word).

Anyway, here it is:

This is what's called "Free Poetry" AFAIK, as that kind of writing doesnt need to follow classical poetry rules.

You are everything


Where can I go?

I just love you

You know it is true

So, where can I go?


Just leave me here

I am the one who’s gone

I am the on who loves you

Just don’t le it be a broken hearth

Tell me, who’s gone?

Yeah, I know it’s me

Nevertheless, it could be you

For without you, I don’t exist

And without myself, I‘m me gone

However, without me, you aren’t anymore

For I can’t think on you

You are me and I am you

We need each other

Like the river needs its water

Like the bird needs the sky

Like eagle needs its eyes

You are mine

I am yours

Like the tree needs someone’s view

For the trees sing when you walk

And they sing for you

For your happiness

For you are a virgin

For me, my princess

The time in my space

The eyes of my soul

The light in my wine




This shit... *Ahemm*, this "writing" is closer to classical poetry-

There is no way out

There is no one around

You love is biting me right now

There is no one around

I am on my own

I need your love

Girl, tell me now

I'm gone

I am gone forever

Gone For nighttime while

Have fun for my time

Going to come back? Never

I have the will

However, you get me twice

Girl, I love you

I got the will

I am all yours

Just to tell me

I will get through

Just tell me

‘Cause I need you

Love me

Listen to me

Love me

Just gone with the wind

And the sea sparkling’ your name

The rain tasting your lips

Feeling your hips

Smile this day, because I am gone

Away, away, away

I am taking my way

If you follow me, I turn alone

I get back to your hearth

And on to my dreams

You are my rose

I am your thorn

You are part of me

And I am part of you

‘Cause I love you

‘Cause you’ll love me

Don’t bring me down

Don’t take me out

Sweet girl, your mine

Let me get down your line


Now this... this is a song I wrote in 4/4, key of E with a slight Country tempo.

Look, around yourself, don’t you feel alone?

Well, I do, but I am on my own

And I don’t know how I make it through

All the day long with my blues

True love will never die

That’s why I can’t forget you, even if I try

For you are my only love

Don’t leave me wounded, all alone

‘Cause even if the morning was cold

Or I was running through the storm

I would always see you again

I never had to wait

But now, you’re farther away from me

Even though its just a few blocks away

Who’s smile am I going to see?

Every morning, day after day

Yeah, it seems so easy for everyone

Having what they want and need all the time

But I have to stay alone in the tide

And I guess I wont fall in love anymore

Getting your love seems so hard

But Jesus walked on the water one day

Sometimes I think my hearth will tear apart

And that my soul is going to wither away


Hope you've liked it, Lord bless ya all, cheers.

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