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    WHEN I WAS SEARCHING SOME PIC OF GTA 4 i found this one :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:
  2. Cool_dude

    Your favorite bike

    Well mine would be Pcj-600
  3. Cool_dude

    Favorite girl friend

    Favorite girl friend in gta san
  4. Cool_dude

    Gta Vice city Trivia

    Here is a GTA Vice City Trivia. A question and answer game, you ask a question, someone answers and that someone asks a question in the same post. Main Rules: 1. Please don't answer a question if you're not 100% sure of the answer, that'll flood the forum. 2. Don't span or chat off topic here, the mods can actually ban you from the game or from the forum. 3. Make questions with good grammar so all people can understand what you're asking. 4. If you never played GTA San Andreas, take an example of all pages (or buy the game ), and then create a question based on the ones you saw before. 5. Don't make posts with excessive smiley count, that is flooding too and it's also stated on the TheGTAPlace Forum Rules. First question,In gta vc whom did tommy trust the most
  5. Cool_dude

    Favorite Vechile

    Rhino rocks dudes
  6. Cool_dude

    Problem Uninstalling GTA SA

    why dont u delete all its components and then try to re install it if it does not work the try WRX22B1998 idea!!!!
  7. Hi If u want any gang name or and good display name then i am here and if u want some stories i am always available. For example.... NAME:Motor CITY MACHINE GUNS (bike riding culb) Stunt club (bike stunt club) Happy club(a club which helps others) Lapd(Los Angles Police department) Fight club(Club which takes contract to hit people) Deadly shooters(a gang which is good at guns) Cobra Blood Honduras Vive The Fetch-Hogs The Kings of Cuba The Weed Street Bankers Sunshit Boys Want stories post on which topic u want
  8. Cool_dude

    Favorite Radio Station

    V rock dudes.
  9. Cool_dude

    Sunshine Autos When It opens

    it never opens dude.
  10. Cool_dude

    Favourite VCS outfit

    i like casual
  11. Cool_dude

    gta vice city sotories

    yea i hav
  12. Cool_dude

    Vice City Mafia

  13. Cool_dude

    How to...

    u cant but u can replace using wheel mod 2.0
  14. Cool_dude

    holy crap

    ur late dude
  15. Cool_dude


    download a trainer and read the read me
  16. Cool_dude

    GTA to return to Vice City in 2009?

    vc looping roads rockzzzz
  17. Cool_dude

    Wich gang do you respect most

    I respect the bikers and the cuban's both are faithful.
  18. Cool_dude

    R.I.P. Super Rockit Mr. Magic

    Rest In Peace
  19. Cool_dude

    Modifying Car Sounds

    download wheel mod 2.0 and u can even make admiral into a banshee.
  20. Cool_dude


    ya all glitches are stupid
  21. Cool_dude

    question !

    Google is ur friend
  22. Cool_dude

    How Do I install the Tunnel?

    Wow u know that language..
  23. Cool_dude

    Where can I buy Vice City for PC?

    Mahn use AMAZON.COM
  24. Cool_dude

    Favorite Car