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Blurry signatures?

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(I don't know whether this is the right place for this topic to be. If it's not, can someone move it for me?)

This probably isn't a problem for anyone else, I'm just curious as to why it's going on.

Is there any reason why some parts of signatures/avatars are all blurred? It's been happening when I visit the site, read topics, etc.

Is it my browser? Is anyone else having this problem?

It's not really THAT much of a big deal, I know, I just like to see borders properly. :P

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Nope, I'm not zoomed in at all.

It's generally just the right side and bottom of avatars and signatures on TGTAP (as you can see in the screenshot), I haven't noticed it with any other images on the site.


EDIT: I clicked 'Reset" under the Zoom bit in the View menu and that fixed it. Apparently it was zoomed in like 0.47895% or something. I made that up, but whatever. Anyway, it's fixed now! :)

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