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New Weapons Help?

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Hi :hi:

This question may have been asked before, and answered, so sorry if I annoy anyone.

I've been searching the site for mods that include new weapons to the game. So far, I've found a few, but they were all messed up, and didn't really appeal to me. If I need to go into detail, I need some realistic, new type weapons that would make VC a little more fun. Such as new pistols, rifles, anything really.

If anyone can suggest some links to some weapon mods (possibly not replacing any current ones) I would greatly appreciate it. :)

Cookies to anyone who can help.

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If you want to put new weapons into the game without replacing any old ones, you'd have to edit a few different files to actually access them in the game. Unless you have patience, I'd recommend replacing old ones, unless someone on the forums knows how to do this.

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