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I need help in GTA VC

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A few days back i installed few mods in GTA VC and they all worked fine but now suddenly i am getting a strange

problem. My GTA VC crashes by sending the "DON'T SEND" error message at the start of mission "SUPPLY AND DEMAND" and

it also crashes when ever i go at raod between Sunshine Autos and Police Station. please can any 1 tell me what is

the problem. I have checked all the moded cars and bikes they all work fine. don`t know what the problem is please

help me please. Thanks.post-48106-065714500 1278511509_thumb.jpg

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It could be a bad working texture or car, i think you should reinstall vc. But i'm not sure about it, check with other pelople

can you tell me how can i fix bad working texture??

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