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Re-use old savegame

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Hi :)

Heres my problem:

I had to re-install w7 (ultimate x64)

To be sure i could continue my GTA IV savegame(online profile), i backed up my whole appdata directory and pasted it when I finished re-installing w7.

I installed IV , started it, logged into my Live account and it couldnt find any savegame meaning i have to start all over again while i had story mode completed :S

Is there any way to fix this?

Please tell me there is?!



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Yeah dude there is...u nide a xlive wrapper...just find it and copy to your gta iv dir...u can find xlive wrapper in my uploaded savegame on this site :whistle: But i dont know if u will be able to play online...beacouse this removes windows live from starting with gta iv...chears

I had a huge problem with this and somehow got my saved games to work. I dont remember how though..

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