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  1. dr3dre

    GTA 5 Ideas

    They need to add a sex scenes...like porn or something...
  2. Maybe u dont drink too much...Try drinking Ballantine more often...
  3. Ahahaha...But i rather celebrate Ballantine`s Day...
  4. I think its Vice City(MIAMI)...Whe have some order with locations..GTA III(NY),GTAVC(MIAMI),GTASA(SA)....than we go again whit New York city in GTA IV...next is Miami...i think
  5. yeah like Microsoft gave Rockstar 50M to make TLaD and TBoGT a Xbox exclusive and now we have PC versions of DLC...yeah,yeah un-related questions to the topic
  6. When the game is getting out for PC?I heard something about that...i love racing games...like TDU2.
  7. Are you a professional moron or just a gifted amateur!
  8. Can you give more ditails of crash...when happend,etc...
  9. Woozie: I have a confession to make. I... I'm blind. Carl Johnson "CJ": No shit.
  10. Did you copy just save "file" or all GTASA folder?Maybe your gta sa settings are corrupted....try deleting "gta_sa.set" from your "GTA San Andreas User Files"... P.S. You can download my 100% Completed savegame from this site
  11. Damn...have sex with yout girlfreind for 55 hours...better for health...your eye balls will pop out...
  12. Yeah...I love songs from beat...i love this one Flashing Lights - Kanye West...damn i finished GTA IV for 4 times...the music is still in my head...
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