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  1. dr3dre

    GTA 5 Ideas

    They need to add a sex scenes...like porn or something...
  2. dr3dre

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Maybe u dont drink too much...Try drinking Ballantine more often...
  3. dr3dre

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Ahahaha...But i rather celebrate Ballantine`s Day...
  4. dr3dre

    Next GTA Location

    I think its Vice City(MIAMI)...Whe have some order with locations..GTA III(NY),GTAVC(MIAMI),GTASA(SA)....than we go again whit New York city in GTA IV...next is Miami...i think
  5. dr3dre


    yeah like Microsoft gave Rockstar 50M to make TLaD and TBoGT a Xbox exclusive and now we have PC versions of DLC...yeah,yeah un-related questions to the topic
  6. dr3dre


    When the game is getting out for PC?I heard something about that...i love racing games...like TDU2.
  7. dr3dre


    Are you a professional moron or just a gifted amateur!
  8. dr3dre


    Can you give more ditails of crash...when happend,etc...
  9. Woozie: I have a confession to make. I... I'm blind. Carl Johnson "CJ": No shit.
  10. dr3dre


    Radio LOS SANTOS...
  11. dr3dre


    Did you copy just save "file" or all GTASA folder?Maybe your gta sa settings are corrupted....try deleting "gta_sa.set" from your "GTA San Andreas User Files"... P.S. You can download my 100% Completed savegame from this site
  12. Damn...have sex with yout girlfreind for 55 hours...better for health...your eye balls will pop out...
  13. dr3dre

    Favorite Radio Station in IV

    Yeah...I love songs from beat...i love this one Flashing Lights - Kanye West...damn i finished GTA IV for 4 times...the music is still in my head...
  14. dr3dre

    Greetings, new here!

    Welcome man...
  15. dr3dre

    Favorite Radio Station in IV

    The BEAT 102.7 - The home of hip-hop in the home of hip-hop:Liberty City....Lazlow is nice too
  16. dr3dre

    Sexual Preference

    ahahaha...when i sawed this topic it made me laugh..but i think its pretty cool...I love my girlfrend...
  17. dr3dre

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi all...well i joined a year ago but im going to introduce myself now...yeah i'm Lazic Nikola,coming from Serbia,and i love GTA ...this is my favourite site for all gta modding,news,patches...I started cr8 some mods and of course i will upload them here...Im glad to be TGTAP member...
  18. dr3dre

    EFLC.exe Problem.!

    try to download cracked .exe file...rzr will do...
  19. dr3dre

    Re-use old savegame

    Yeah dude there is...u nide a xlive wrapper...just find it and copy to your gta iv dir...u can find xlive wrapper in my uploaded savegame on this site But i dont know if u will be able to play online...beacouse this removes windows live from starting with gta iv...chears
  20. dr3dre

    GTA 4 Alice Script Problem >.<

    In your GTA IV Dir u have some .txt that alice script cr8ted...look there...i think u have alice that not support your gta iv ver....good luck in fixing that
  21. dr3dre

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    U dont need Quad to play GTA IV max or just to run it fine...2 cores will do the job...but Intels CPUs are performing much better than AMD in this game...My i3 2.93 Ghz,2GB DDR3,and 6850 blows the game up...Max sets at 1920x1080...and lill O.C....smooth on abot 40 FPS...My brother hame i5 4 x 2.6 Ghz...same sets,same grafics...same avarage fps...
  22. dr3dre

    Favorite GTAIV Car

    Best car....ROMs
  23. dr3dre

    GTA 4 won't start

    I think thats beacouse of your patch...dont download from RGSC...if u have a [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] game...download from t^[email protected]@t with RZR cr%@...u have now new patch and RZR cr%@...that will uninstall RGSC....try that...
  24. whos admin here?

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    2. Samil


      Hey every admin is trying to revive the place.

      @Mpilk901 On behalf of both, no offence mate.Y'all do a great work, more or less.Fact is, I never wanted to be admin.Too many duties, responsibilities, hard stuff, especially on an inactive forum, all these duties would be... well, there won't be.

    3. EvoLuTioN


      Jesus is our admin. We all should take this time to pray to him now.

    4. Nate10