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Old PC

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OK, so I got this old PC from a friend and I am having trouble deciding which OS to put on it. It has a Pentium III CPU at 733 MHz, and 64MB RAM.

On one hand, there's Windows NT 4.0. NT based, very stable and doesn't use a lot of resources, but it can't run many new programs or even older Win 9x games.

Then there's Windows 2000 or XP. Both will run most or all new 32-bit programs, as well as older apps for the DOS based Win 9x series. However, I know XP won't run well on this PC because of the amount of RAM. Windows 2000 may or may not run better (enlighten me) and it's missing some essential features only in XP.

Last, there's the Windows 9x series. Very unstable, but they're guaranteed to use fewer resources than XP or 2000 and they're the platform that all the old programs and games were made for.

Help me decide!



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Nah, not for me, I use the restore disk from my original computer, eMachine eTower came new with Windows ME, that's Millennium Edition and I suspected MS to embellish it for a year or so, but P4 came along, the 1GHz barrier was soon breached and USB2 came along as well, even Broadband ushered out the aging but still hyped K56 modems.

So, at a time when Windows 9x was seeing needed changes for MM or MMX tech (known to users as MultiMedia), the OS most evolved and most flawed is the one bringing Movie Maker to users for the first time, WinME!

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