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OK. so I found 93 packages. Then I read about a dandy mod that would point to the last 7 so I download the mod only to find out that I have to have a Mod installer.. so I found one that said will install all mods for gta3 and vc and while i was there I downloaded a Cadillac. The installer installed the Cadillac, but it did not like the package finder, so I found the Mod Manager(thing you must have for all vc mods) except it can't seem to find the package mod that's sitting in the same folder that it's in. so then i find a download button and figure I can re-download it no problem.... except it apparently is designed to use windows Internet Explorer.....I don't use that one so the Mod Manager wont help me. So then I found a VC-Trainer that had the package finder included. so i downloaded that unzipped it in the vc folder and after it said it was successfully installed I went and doubled the little pink avatar that said trainer on it then I selected to start the game game works just fine but as far as I am able to ascertain it does not have any means of using the features advertised. So after downloading several mods, a trainer, and two mod installers all that's actually changed in my game is that I have a Cadillac that wont show damage and the doors don't work. not to mention that they only come in black. Will somebody please explain this godforsaken web site to an old veteran that's just about out of patience.

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