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Matheus Reis

Zombie Invasion Series


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  1. 1. What do you think about Zombie Invasion?

    • Awesome, good idea and a well-made work, keep it up!
    • It's good but, more dialog and details can make it better.
    • The photo-and-text style is cool, but the history not.
    • Nothing in this topic is good, close that.

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Zombie Invasion - Series

First Episode

Derrick: The helicopter is coming, let's go to the roof!

Officer Gordon: Copy. Be careful, they're in all part!

Derrick: I know that, don't worry.


Officer Gordon: Shit! There's more in roof! Take care, Derrick!

Derrick: Fuck off! Use the SMG!


Derrick: It's too dark, man!

Officer Gordon: Really a shit!

Derrick: No more of them here, what a luck! Hehe!


Derrick: The helicopter is coming!

Officer Gordon: Yeah, man!


Officer Gordon: Haha! We're safe!

Pilot: Enter, fast!

Derrick: OK!


Officer Gordon: Yeah man, we'll escape!


Derrick: Hehe! Kiss my ass, fucking zombies!

I'll post more here soon...

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