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GTA Liberty City Stories updates

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<img src="http://www.thegtaplace.com/images/gtalcs/scans/th/opm9.jpg" width="150" height="105" border="1" align="left"> • Vehicles in the game have been redesigned to fit the 1998 era.• Thanks to the PSP's wide screen more could be displayed in-game.• Familiar GTA3 locations, like Salvatore Leone's mansion, are seen everywhere.• The missions will be subtly shorter to suit handheld gaming tastes.

OPS2: "What about multiplayer?Dan Houser: "We're still obsessed with the single player at this point."OPS2:" Can we ask about Aerial transport...?"Dan Houser: "I don't think we have it. Motorbikes are our big thing at this point. That required certain workings on the map, and to do the other stuff [planes] would require more... it would end up..."
Then Dan Houser stopped his sentence! Also I have been getting a few emails asking if the game is going to come out for either the PS2 or PS3. Well, I can confirm that GTA LCS will come out exclusively only for the Sony PSP. Any more questions? <a href="mailto:Adriaan@thegtaplace.com" target="_blank">Email me!</a>
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Yeah its awesome! The moment I recieved it on Friday, I was like wow!!! Soon this is going to be all over the web and people are going to go crazy!! And it did turn out that way. I mean I got like over 4800 unique visitors yesterday for GTA-PSP.net .

People are gonna go mad for this game!!

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