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  1. you sound pretty much like a gansta their
  2. I might get this game, the gfx's look sweet. I loved the NFSU2 gfx's, so I think that I will enjoy this game as much as the other one. Racing games are sweet. I will probably end up downloading this game because I have other "more" important games to buy.
  3. this isn't going to turn out very well it seems
  4. My Intel doesn't get that hot . But I am going to upgrade soon to a AMD 64 bit since I do alot of gaming and programing.
  5. why doesn't someone close this stupid topic then , yea like what chris said, what is the use of swearing, this is a gta forum
  6. yea I know but I think that older people are good enough
  7. Fine you big AMD people. AMD 64 bit is better then intel, I figured that out by a computer nerd, and yes I would rather of asked a computer nerd then listen to a bunch of people on here I think I should save up for that AMD 64 bit, hell since I already have quite a bit of money saved up I should check out the price and buy the thing. Lol I think my computer has the right thing to put a zion processor in it Man that would be a blast to have a zion.
  8. pfft I would just use a tank and blow the hell out of them
  9. O UFO's, that would be pretty cool to see. That would be awesome if in the next gta they had ufo's flying that you could actually see at night and their is a alien base lol
  10. hm swearing, ah who gives a f*ck about the word filter. Just say f u c k instead of f*ck
  11. It looks like we got a madman killer on the loose
  12. You can only enter underground in a mission, other times you can't get in their
  13. Whatever you guys think, I ain't going to argue anymore about AMD or Intel because it would just be a waste of time and it won't get anywhere.
  14. well if he wants a game that has dam children in it then it might be true. Why the hell would you want to go around shooting kids, you are just as bad as those f*ck heads who go to schools and start shooting kids. R* isn't that dam retarded to put kids in the game. I wouldn't get another gta game if they did put kids in it. f*ck I am about to go insane right now
  15. your a idiot, it is called I was giving out my OPINION you stupid nOob, oh and what do you think buisnesses mostly use well let me see they use INTEL, hardly anyone uses AMD. Intel is more powerful and is easier to use. Who gives a shit if AMD looks cool, oh and how the hell can a AMD look cool, I laugh at you so hard Hardcore gaming users use Intel. AMD is mostly for other things that do not go with hardcore gaming, oh and if you post again make sure your dumbass nOob self doesn't use the chatroom term "get out of this room", god you are a dam nOob. See this is one reason why some forums aren't going very well because some stupid nOob tries to overcome people who have been here for awhile. I have 13 words for you pal "get the heck out of this forum while you still have the chance"
  16. Yes a wonderful idea, give those nOobs what they deserve, a nice beautiful suspention god I hate people that want kids in the game
  17. grrr that word children again for about the 50th time , burry bodies would probably be a no for R* to do.
  18. you sure like that emotion don't you lol
  19. Well I got mine custom built so I don't really care if they are liers. Intel is good in my opinion and I will stay with it forever. Custom built computers are l33t, better then most of those other crappy made computers.
  20. hm I guess I should go gun shopping and I think I should go and make some more grenades heheheh.
  21. Really well, I guess it looks like that best buy, futureshop and a few other places are lyers then. I was going to get a AMD but I said screw that, if I really want a big gaming machine go to Intel, so I did and it is sweet, when I saw AMD processors running, they were shit.
  22. from my point of view, having a knife in your mouth is more then just sexy
  23. um catholic, uniforms *runs and laughs head off* heh had to do that
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