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Blu Ray Titles 2 Watch

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We seem to be missing threads for BluRay and General HiDef content. I bought a 32 inch HDTV, and now another LCD TV, this one an 18 inch but seems DTV or HD complient, it looks good, though not as good quality. After the 32inch, I bought a BluRay DVD ROM, it's not working flawlessly via PC as a standalone like PS3 might, but I felt I got a good deal on it for $55 USD

Anywho, I'd report the two disc Big "4" to start with, a follow up to the 1990's show Clash of the Titans, only this time, we lose Alice in Chains (RIP, guys!) and have Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, and MegaDaves, er, Megadeth with David Ellefson on bass again.... all at one show, in HD, in DTS Surround sound and looking mighty awesome. The crowd and weather effects of the day are all in HD as mentioned, and the two disc concert film is actually affordable! I love that both Megadeth and Metallica mended their differences after so many damn bitter years of in-fighting all made possible by voracious drug consumption habits, thanks, guys! Anywho, seriously, this is a must for all metal music fans, and I would point out, I hear a lot of metal shows announcing in my town, get out and enjoy some, support your local music scene, and perhaps, you might be in the audience for a major disc release, I was!! (first G3 video with Satriani and Steve Vai!)

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