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R.I.P. Thread

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Due to the very sad Unceremonious dismissal by GM of both Pontiac Firebird, then PMD, and Cadillac Eldorado, along with Oldsmobile line of cars, I want to update here a consumer's opinion thread of your thoughts on the matter, experience owning, driving, what happened to the marques that was so wrong, etc??

Most Pontiac and GM diehard fans think it could just be a matter of time before they are eventually revived, however, for now, just the Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette harken back to historical lineage. I find it truly sad that even with the Bailout of Detriot and US Automakers, there's still a lack of tempting car design. Look at all the Cadillac Eldorados ever made, they all have something to offer and set them apart. Simple fact is less numbers per year in sales hit the coupe, or 2 door motor car styles really hard. Eventually we saw Hummer become an unneeded weight around General Motors' neck.

Olds I needn't remind had a significant lineage in the Motor car history of the World as well. And played a part in the Muscle Car era, that persisted with the Hurst marque into the 1980s as well.

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Post 1980 Pontiacs suck balls anyway. The last cool car they made was the 82' Firebird, it was a brick, but it was a damn cool brick.

Can't say I liked the other brands too much ether, but the real reason why I don't really care about them is the fact that most are pretty much the same. That was the case 50 years ago as well, but at least the cars back then weren't cheap ass buckets.

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