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No text showing up in menu (win7)


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The menu doesnt have any text, but the blue highlight bar still appears, and then sometimes the text becomes BARELY visible then the next time i change something, it dissapears again. I installed the 1.1 patch but the text on the menu still isnt there. I have NO idea why this is.

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Hmm. Just gonna throw some stuff out then.


Bought over Steam?

Full reinstall (ie delete folders afterwards to get rid of potentially corrupt files?)

Frame limiter and frmae sync both oh in options? Your gfx might be refreshing the text at just the right wrong speed.

Also try vsync through your gfx drivers as a last resort.

If you're confident, try disabling a core on your CPU when you run the game. I won't tell you how...because chances are if you don't know how you shouldn't be. :P

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