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So in Tbogt you get a ".44 automag". I hate the gun so I used a custom skin for it. http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...at=346&id=29137

I adjusted the xml file so that it says this.

<!-- PISTOL 44 AUTOMAG -->

<weapon type="EPISODIC_9">

<data slot="SMG" firetype="INSTANT_HIT" damagetype="BULLET" group="SMG" targetrange="55.0" weaponrange="200.0" clipsize="32" ammomax="1500" timebetweenshots="333">

<damage base="82" networkplayermod="2.5" networkpedmod="1.25"/>

<physics force="50.0"/>

<reload time="1666" fasttime="1666" crouchtime="2533"/>

<aiming accuracy="0.55">

<offset x="0.13" y="1.0" z="0.45"/>

<crouchedoffset x="0.11" y="1.0" z="0.02"/>

<reticule standing="0.75" ducked="0.6" scale="0.3"/>


<pickup regentime="360000" ammoonstreet="60"/>


<rumble duration="100" intensity="0.2"/>











<assets model="w_e2_44amag">

<anim group="[email protected]" meleegroup1="firearm_core">

<rates firerate="1.9" blindfirerate="2.66"/>



<muzzle fx="muz_smg"/>

<shell fx="weap_ejected_smg"/>




Everything is the same as the mp5 but my character holds it straight in front of him like this http://img571.imageshack.us/i/guywithgun.png/

Also even thought I adjusted the firerate it still shoots really slow. Also does anyone know what the PCM files inside the weapons.ivaud are for the .44 automag? Trying to edit the sound as well.

Thanks for reading guys I will greatly appreciate any help.

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