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Picking a steering wheel...


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I'm sick of sucking at simulators, I'm not a big fan of them, but I don't like sucking at any game that's not Cock o Doody Call of Duty. And since I'm only into PC gaming I'm destined to suck at 'em forever cause all I have is the mouse and keyboard. And here's where I request the help of you (yeah, you). I wanna buy a steering wheel, not first on my wish list for 2011, but some day. Anybody know a good model? For price uhh... not really sure, it would be good to know the cheapest and most expensive I can find, all I want from it is to have all the functions (Steering, brake, hand brake, clutch, gears, etc... horn is optional).

Thx :)

PS: By ''simulator'' I don't mean the kind of game that aims for perfect realism, just the kind that seem realistic to the casual gamer ex: Shift, Level R, GRID, etc...

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depends on your budget G25/27 is good (ive used G25 its pretty nice) though you might have trouble finding the G25 now as it has been replaced by the G27. The other option is (apparently logitech only have 2 wheels now) the driving force GT it still has a gearshift but just a sequential one and no clutch pedal.

there are other wheels from fanatec (like porsche 911 replica things) but iirc they are more expensive than the logitech's so yeah

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dunno about prices local to you but the g27 here is ~$400-450 depending where you go.

the fanatec porsche one is $699 lol, link below.


450 Australian dollars = 1 379.15473 Romanian leu

699 Australian dollars = 2 142.28701 Romanian leu

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